Windows 8 Transformation Pack (8TP) 7.0

A pack of great extras for the Win8 operating system

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    (8TP) 7.0

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    Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows XP

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    7.1 (1819)

Windows 8 Pack is essentially a bundle of different updates that make Windows 8 easier and more enjoyable to use.

Pros of Downloading Windows 8 Pack:

  • Start Screen Title Size Options: The update will contain two new size options for the title screen. The first is extra large and the second is extra small.
  • Ability to Organize Apps: Before, there was no real way to organize the apps on a computer, because they were all stored under the heading "All Apps." Now, they are able to be completely organized by the date that they were installed, their titles, the category into which the app falls and in order determined by which apps are used the most frequently.
  • Increased Control over Snap Parameters: One of the best parts about Windows 8 was that it allowed people to take pictures of their screens and then share those pictures with other people. Before, you could only take pictures of the left of the screen and of the right of the screen. Now, it is possible to take pictures of the entire screen or any other part of the screen, because now the snap parameters can be changed to the needs of the user.
  • Easier Syncing with SkyDrive: Before Windows 8 Pack, it was necessary to open up the SkyDrive before anything was able to be synced. Now, all of the syncing can be done without opening up any additional programs, allowing the person using Windows 8 to be more effective.
  • Windows Store Augmentation: The Windows Store has been completely redesigned so that it is now easier for users to search, as well as much more convenient for them to purchase things. This is important, because it was very difficult for a user to navigate the store.
  • Better Search: All of the different categories are now available as separate buttons, which makes it much easier and faster to narrow down a search so that a user can find what he or she needs. It is also possible to play music directly from search, rather than having to go to the media player.
  • Includes Internet Explorer 11: This is helpful because it allows the user to avoid having to download a web browser and provides them with the most advanced version of Internet Explorer available.

Cons of Downloading Windows 8 Pack:

  • Huge Download: The download for this program is 4GB. This is a very large file that will take an extended period of time to fully install. This is important, because a user will need to set aside a chunk of time where the computer cannot be turned off or otherwise altered as the program installs. This download cannot be completed in the spur of the moment.
  • Necessary to Back up all Files: It is necessary to back up all of the files before installing the Windows 8 Pack, because there is a high probability that the files will be lost otherwise.

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